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Crack Sealing & Filling

Crack sealing lengthens the life of our nation's streets, highways and parking lots made of bituminous asphalt. Contractors and municipalities extend the life of our streets and highways and save taxpayer money with cost-effective crack sealing. For ideal sealant performance, crews must be educated on the proper use of crack sealing equipment and accessories, along with the proper sealant application rates.

Pavement cracks develop due to expansion and contraction caused by temperature fluctuations. These cracks allow water to penetrate the pavement base and sub-base materials, causing pavement elements to lose their structural integrity. If not repaired, this cracking effect will grow, leading to deformation of the pavement, pot holes, and ultimately the degradation of asphalt surfaces. Crack sealing is preventive maintenance against water from further damaging roads. The use of hot or cold-applied sealants minimize water penetration, sub-surface ice formation and traffic erosion. Most importantly, crack sealing lengthens the life of roadways and parking lots made of bituminous asphalt. According to several of the country’s DOTs, with timely preventive crack sealing the useful life of highway pavements can be extended up to 10 years in comparison to other temporary surface treatments such as chip seals, micro paving, thin overlays and slurry seals. As an added benefit, crack sealing is executed at one-sixth the cost of conventional pavement rehabilitation or reconstruction.

Keep in mind, crack sealing is preventative maintenance, not reconstruction. When a roadway or parking lot is "alligatored" or has incurred more extensive damage than a few cracks, the area must be cut out and replaced or patched with Infrared Asphalt Repair.

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