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Asphalt deterioration begins at the surface. Weather and sun damage the surface layer of pavement causing it to become dry and brittle. Left untreated, the pavement will continue to breakdown resulting in cracking and moisture intrusion. If left unaddressed, water intrusion will eventually lead to total pavement failure.

Restorative seal is a surface treatment application of select petroleum resins combined with an emulsified asphalt that restores and seals aged bituminous concrete pavement. The product, as formulated by Felix A. Marino Company addresses weathered pavement and provides pavement owners with a cost effective maintenance technology that extends the service life of their pavement surfaces. Restorative seal performs best on oxidized and weathered pavement that still retains its structural integrity. Bituminous concrete pavements from 4 to 7 years of age are the most typical candidates for this type of maintenance.

The restorative seal process begins with a sample test to formulate proper formulation and application rates. The area to be treated is then swept clean and traffic control set up to maintain an open lane throughout the operation. The restorative seal is then applied by sprayer to the pavement. The restorative seal is allowed 30 minutes to penetrate the surface. A light dusting of course sand is then applied to the treated area and traffic is now permitted onto the roadway surface. The resulting seal provides up to 5 additional years of pavement life without buildup or costs associated with typical resurfacing methods.

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