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Bituminouse asphalt pavement begins to deteriorate immediately after it is installed onto the roadway surface. The most effective way to prolong the life of today’s asphalt roadways is through cost effective, routine maintenance including rejuvenating surface seals. The Felix A. Marino Co., Inc. is the leader in the application of Marinate rejuvenating sealer.

Marinate Preservative Surface Sealer is outstanding in its ability to delay the pavement aging process from the outset and to reverse premature aging caused by poor construction installation, over heating of the material, and mix design inconsistencies, by replenishing the maltene fractions of the asphalt, preserving and restoring the durability and plasticity of the asphalt cement to better than original consistency. This is achieved by simply spraying Marinate Preservative emulsion directly to the roadway surface. Marinate preservative emulsion penetrates the pavement surface and combines with the roadway’s asphalt mixture to restore the pavement. Application is completed in place, without major disturbance to the existing roadway, and the Marinate preservative emulsion will not cover existing traffic markings.

Marinate preservative surface treatment seals the pavement against the intrusion of air and water, thereby slowing oxidation and preventing stripping and raveling of the roadway surface.

Pavements that are to be considered candidates for Marinate surface preservation must be structurally sound. If there is a localized area that is unstable, it should be repaired prior to commencement of work via either infrared or other suitable pavement repair. If the area is considerably larger than a localized area, the roadway should be considered for Marinate Restorative seal rather than a preservative spray.

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