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polyMAR™ Systems

Felix A. Marino Company recently introduced a new decorative crosswalk system that is outstanding in appearance and offering superior wear free, maintenance free attributes. The polyMAR™ system is installed on top of existing asphalt pavements with very little preparation. This ultra-thin overlay is installed in layers and stenciled to achieve a masonry look. The unique formulation of polyMAR™ resists traffic wear for several years under even the worst conditions. The flexible components of polyMAR™ retards normal cracking of aged asphalt pavements.

The system consists of overlaying the pavement with a thin course of cement colored material, followed immediately by spraying a second layer of red pigmented (or any color) material over a stencil of a running bond brick pattern. The final result is the brilliant appearance of bricks set in mortar. The material, despite the thin application, is very durable under high traffic and will keep the appearance for years.

The ease of application results in less user delays during construction, especially when compared to conventional masonry pavers. This system creates an exceptionally aesthetic appearance while eliminating long term maintenance issues.

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