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MARIMIX® is a high performance bituminous concrete specifically designed for pavement repairs. MARIMIX® can be utilized cold, warm and/or hot. It handles easily even at cold winter temperatures. MARIMIX® can be heated in pavement storage boxes (available at Felix A. Marino Co., Inc., for rent or sale) without damaging the properties of the material. MARIMIX® is produced from 100% virgin materials, ensuring that it is completely recyclable in place.

Pavement depressions, potholes and/or utility cuts are prime candidates for MARIMIX®. Just sweep the area to be repaired, tack coats the edges and install MARIMIX into the area. Compact in 2” layers, tack coat the edges and you have a permanent repair. No more digging out cold patch to make permanent repairs.

MARIMIX® can be purchased in bulk (ton quantities) and by the bag (sixty pound bags). It can be stored for up to a year when kept dry. MARIMIX® is available exclusively at Felix A. Marino Co., Inc.

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