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Infrared Asphalt Repair

For 50 years, the Felix A. Marino Company has been providing Infrared heat treatment for asphalt pavement restoration to utility companies and municipalities throughout the New England area. The infrared process is an effective solution for many localized, non-structural failures in bituminous concrete. Sample candidates for this type of surface restoration would be: sunken utility patches, potholes, raveling, pavement heaving, and water drainage problems.

The most obvious benefits of the infrared process over more conventional patching methods are: lower costs, higher quality seamless repairs, time savings and minimal traffic interruption.

The process consists of cleaning the area to be repaired, removing all loose debris, heating the surface of this area, scarifying and leveling the heat treated area, adding Marimix as required to restore the surface to the proper level. The area is then re-compacted and almost immediately opened to traffic. This new asphalt patch is welded to the existing pavement and this repaired area is restored to the original condition of the surrounding asphalt pavement.

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