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Decorative Synthetic Pavement

In 2003, the Felix A. Marino Company introduced the patented IMPRINT® system as a synthetic paving alternative for decorative pavement applications such as crosswalks, medians, intersections, aprons and sidewalks. This proprietary system has enjoyed world-wide success since 1994!

The system consists of applying a heated, colored resin compound to the surface of an asphalt pavement. The material is smoothed and stamped to the desired brick (or other) pattern. The high temperature application achieves a thermal bond on asphalt pavements creating a monolithic build, making it extremely durable and rut resistant. The specified thickness also insures that the color will never wear off, even under the highest traffic conditions.

IMPRINT® comes in a wide variety of colors and can be stamped to look like almost any stone masonry work, without the maintenance.

Download this page information about Decorative Patented IMPRINT®.