Felix A. Marino Co., Inc.

32 Corwin Street Peabody, Massachusetts 01960

Phone: 978-532-3838 | Fax: 978-532-3726

* Serving Governmental, Commercial and Residential Customers Throughout New England for More Than 50 Years

* Specializing In "State-Of-The-Art" Paving Technologies

* Pavement Maintenance & Synthetic Decorative Services

Decorative Synthetic Pavement

  • Decorative Synthetic Pavement
  • polyMAR™ Systems

  • Felix A. Marino Co., Inc. (FAMCO) is a pioneer of specialized pavement maintenance products and technologies for government, utilities and commercial customers for over sixty years including year round same day paving and infrared pavement restoration. FAMCO utilizes green technologies to create 100% recyclable “state of the art “pavement patching and maintenance. Whether customers require complete contracting services, specialized equipment and/or materials, FAMCO works directly with all our customers to address their specific needs.

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